About Villa María
by the Sea


Our Mission

Villa Maria by the Sea, located in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, is the retreat center of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Malvern, Pennsylvania. Rooted in the mission of the Congregation to proclaim the Gospel message of God’s redeeming love, Villa Maria by the Sea provides a variety of spiritual opportunities in a sacred space of tranquility and beauty. In this peaceful environment, one can experience the presence of God and respond to God’s personal invitation to wholeness and holiness.

Our Core Values


By receiving all guests with a warm and welcoming spirit of hospitality that conveys love, acceptance and respect.


By holding in reverence each person we encounter, ever conscious of the Divine Presence dwelling within them.

Joyful Service

By radiating a spirit of joyful service that gives authentic witness to Gospel values.


By creating an environment of peace and tranquility that nurtures an inner stillness where one can experience the deepening awareness of the presence of God.


By demonstrating responsible stewardship of our world and all of God’s creation by our care of the retreat center and the conservation of natural resources.

Our Vision

Villa Maria by the Sea Retreat Center provides a sacred space where all are welcome to “come apart for a while” to deepen one’s relationship with God. Days of prayer and reflection, varied retreat experiences and other spiritual opportunities are offered in this peaceful and tranquil environment situated on the Atlantic coast.

Our History

The IHM seashore tradition began in 1913 when the sisters sought a place where they could enjoy a time of spiritual and physical renewal surrounded by the natural beauty of God's creation.